About us


GigaPIX is present in four locations – three in Lisbon and one in Porto.

An Internet Exchange Point is a neutral location where traffic is exchanged between different organizations, allowing several IP networks to interconnect in the most efficient way.

The GigaPIX increases the quality of the IP network connections in Portugal by avoiding the usage of international links for traffic that is local, saving money and reducing costs.

Without GigaPIX traffic that would have source and destination in Portugal would, in many cases, use international connections, increasing costs and failing in  using the resources in the best way possible.

Although reducing costs is one of the main drivers for connecting to an IXP, reducing latencies and providing a better end user experience are also important benefits. GigaPIX delivers faster local, regional and national communications!

GigaPIX is a founding member of EuroIX.

Brief GigaPIX History

GigaPIX is an evolution of the PIX (Portuguese Internet eXchange) that started in October 1995.

The name change was performed in 2001, reflecting the usage of Gigabit ports in the IXP.

On the 13 September 2002, IPv6 a specific IPv6 addressing was allocated and on the 6th of march 2003 às 16:30 the IPv6GigaPIX was born with four members – RCCN, Telepac, Clix and PUUG.

On January 2011 the Oporto GigaPIX site is brought to life with 3 starting members – RCTS, NFSI and F-Root Server.

The new GigaPIX location in Lisbon, the SE06 Datacenter was inaugurated on May 2014 and a new one will be deployed very soon!

On September of 2017, was open the third localization in Lisbon, at Itconic Datacenter, in Prior Velho.

Currently GigaPIX interconnects dozens of networks in its premises in Lisbon and Porto with speeds from 10Gbps to 100Mbps.